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About Us

A Kloset with No Limit

Brittany is the CEO behind A Kloset with No Limit. 3K was created to allow Kings and Queens to express and define their character through fashion. In a Kloset you will find endless things and in life you will find endless possibilities. 

A Kloset with No Limit offers collections for gentlemen, ladies, and kids. Our Kids collection is so near and dear to our hearts because we love children. We love showing them that they can be anything in the world. The sky isn't the limit, they can go further. Since kids are our future, we like to get into the communities of Delaware as much as possible to lead by example

Are you interested in connecting with us? send us an email at


Word of Mouth

“I absolutely love shopping with Brittany. She's very friendly and professional. When I place an order, it's always ready on time.”

- Lily Samuels - 

“I ordered 50 family reunion shirts with 3K and the quality was so amazing. I was able to tell the owner what I wanted and she delivered.”

- Sasha Michaels - 

“I think my favorite thing about this Kloset is the His and Hers Collections. ”

- Marina Hills - 

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